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frequently asked questions (15)

What is the difference between Webinar and Webcast?

Webinar – Designed for smaller groups, Webcast – Designed for larger Audience, Webinar – More collaborative, for limited audience, Features like Polls, Chats & Admin control, Webcast – It uses one to many model, Live on multiple sites & platforms

How does a Webinar work? How to attend it?

Generally, Webinar sessions are free to attend and conducted entirely over the web with attendees registering their interest prior to the event. Once registered, instructions will be sent via email with a simple joining link and the webinar environment will load on the attendee's computer. The webinar platform has multiple widgets available to enhance the interaction with the presentation.

What are the technical requirements to participate?

To access the webinar, viewer will need the following:
• A computer
• Internet Access (either cable or wireless)
• Headphones or speakers
Test your computer to make sure you meet the minimum technical requirements. Test your system on

What is VC-Webinar? Which platform can be used to stream it?

VC webinar is a combination of video conference and webinar. One can use any VC platform like Zoom, Google Meet, Bluejeans and the same session will be broadcasted to unlimited participants.

Which are the other features which can be used during webinar at viewer end?

We can integrate features as per the requirement of the users. Generally features like,
• Polling & eVoting,
• On-Demand Videos,
• Login & Registration page,
• Designed website (Portal),
• Branding & Selected Domain,
• Login & Analytic reports,
• Comment box/Question ans. Features can be enabled at viewer end.

What are the technical requirements to go live?

To go live from your system one would require smooth internet connection (without firewall & proxy).
• Good quality Camera (Webcam/Integrated cam)
• Headphones / Speaker & Mic
• Licensed VC platform/Encoder

What is CDNs? And how to they work?

CDN - content distribution network There will be 2 options to go live, one with Private CDN & second through Servers of public platforms like YouTube, Vimeo & other social media sites. A CDN is a network of servers that deliver a web page or web content, such as video, to a user. The CDN copies the web content to a network of servers that are dispersed to different locations around a geographic region.

Which platforms can be used for streaming?

We provide multi-platform live features for all of your events. One can go live on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, and YouTube via VMukti’s unique broadcasting technique.

How my viewers will know about my webinar?

Via invite one can notify all the expected audience and once they registered on the given webinar link, One Automated Email will be sent as a reminder to all of them.

What is the limit of audience in VCWebinar/Webinar?

There will be no limitation. One can send the invitation to as many as the want. No limitations in streaming or registration.

Can I record my virtual speaking session?

Yes, AmbiPlatforms allow you to record the live event and store the recorded file on your local drive or Cloud media.

Can I host a virtual meeting on a Windows device?

AmbiPlatforms is compatible to run overall major Operating Systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac OSX.

Can I monitor the performance of my virtual event?

AmbiPlatforms integrates advanced Reports and Analytic tool that allows for analyzing the performance of a virtual event in real-time.

Does the virtual platform allow for a one-to-one chat during live online sessions?

AmbiPlatforms integrates a Virtual Booth feature that allows the participants to enter a private space for discussions.

Can I manage a trade show event with AmbiPlatforms?

AmbiPlatforms enables you to set up and manage virtual trade fair events for displaying your products to a broad audience. You can also manage conferences, training seminars, meetings, conferences, and other events online using the responsive virtual platform.